Thursday, September 28, 2006

The time has come.

Thank you all for responding to my previous post.

A Sefer Torah is divided into many parshiyos - 'Pay' and 'Samach', "Li'tain Revach Bein Parsha L'parshah".

As I noted in my previous post, I have learnt a lot about Judaism and its people. I needed a "Revach" to absorb what I learnt. I have stopped commenting over the last week as I have been spending much time rethinking what I have been doing until now, and whether I should continue.

Your comments were very enlighting. Actually, they were fascinating. Mi'kotzeh Li'kotzeh.

Here's a recap:

* I respect the level of passion that in your writing.

*you post very intelligently, and offer valid, legitimate arguments

*I hardly ever agree with you

*I don't think you are convincing those who have not already been convinced. I just don't find your defenses of the Charedi lifestyle and the gedolim, persuasive.

*LY: You are putting yourself in an intellectual environment that is foreign and antagonistic to yours

*you come across as a person who means and writes well.

*because in my experience you are friendly and honest, which is a tone the J-blogs need more people setting.

*LY you must not give up. I for one am most gratified that you stand up for Torah true ideals when all too often they are rubbished.You maintain your integrity without flattering falsifiers or insulting doubters.

*L'maan Hashem continue.

*Hmm..keep blogging, but lay off the age of the universe issue.

*I don't agree with everything you say but it's refreshing to hear the POV of underrepresented part of klak yisroel in the blogging universe.

*Don’t stop. But I doubt that you changed any skeptical minds.

*I say stop. Or at least change your name.

*LY is courage personified. He puts himself in place behind Torah and Truth. I say they are jealous of his emunah.

*you don't come across as arrogant, condescending, and angry.

*The fact that LY might be doing great things for himself is wonderful--not so wonderful if he is also negatively impacting others, and in this case I mean his own community

*So keep it up. It's great to see the other side of things.

*I am not sure you represent the true Chareidi world (if there is such a thing).As I have commented before, you very often overstate & exaggerate matters for effects sake

*Since most people who are blogging are doing so to debate and discuss, you will only stir up opposition and will not gain adherents.

*but I honestly feel that your posting on blogs is a chillul Hashem

*So keep blogging. If everybody barks the same we're just a pack of dogs.

*I feel the fact that you are chareidi and (mostly) good natured, is good PR for Chareidism.

*Putting your views out, for all to refute or ridicule, takes a certain amount of courage

*As a fellow "Lakewooder" I say that although I often disagree with you, you probably do represent a viewpoint which might otherwise not have a voice on the blogosphere. Chazak Ve'amatz.

*I would suggest that you think a little more before you write

*You have accomplished and do accomplish many wonderful things. It is very possible that your voice is a unique one in the blogosphere and a much-needed one.

*But if you would have instead spent the time learning Mesechta Temurah, for example, and chazering it well, writing out your own biurim on a couple of the difficult sugyos, it can be argued persuasively that you would be better off and Klal Yisroel would be better off.

*I too am a BMG alumnus and still live in Lakewood. I admire your emunah peshuta and what you are trying to accomplish. However, I think you sound very foolish at times.

*What makes you think you represent all of us lakewooders?

*LY - there is no doubt that there is good in what you are doing. Even if I dont agree with what you say it is clear that you are honest and sincere. It is great that we have a character in our blogosphere who is willing to have a go at portraying the Charedi line. Only occasionally do you defend the undefensible, but generally you are the best defender of your values currently around.

*I really think that you blogging is doing a disservice to Charaidim in general and to Lakewood in particular

*you should ask daas torah.

A couple months ago, I asked a notable Rosh Yeshivah. We discussed the pros and cons. In the end he said, if your doing it correctly, its surely a worthy cause. But you have to carefully evaluate the dangers involved. Bottom line he said, be your own Posek.

I have received much criticism in the past. When someone suggests that my views are "turning them off", is it really my fault? If "Amalek" or "Aguna" turn people off, should we remove it from Torah?

My intentions had been good. I fought for what I believed. And I fought clean. It bothered me that bloggers were able to write so freely against Gedolim and Charedim and get away with it.

Nevertheless, I did wish to hear it out from everyone.

My conclusion is that while my name "Lakewood Yid" was well intended, it was too controversal. It very often gave the impression that I was speaking on behalf of Lakewood. Or, it implied, that my views are "Lakewoodish", and it actually encouraged the skeptics to further dig themselves into their skeptic holes.

The time has come.

I have decided to give up "Lakewood Yid".

If I left the impression, that a Charedi blogger was able to debate head to head with the skeptics and doubters, and be able to do it in a refined aidel way, without the need to resort to course
language and name calling, I will be satisfied with that.

But if I wish to have any further success in winning over the skeptics and doubters, it will have to be under a new identity with some changes in my strategy.

So for now, I say Good bye. I thank you all for everything you taught me.

Hatzlocha V'chol Tuv. G'mar Chasimah Tova.

PS I will be keeping my email address and everyone is welcome to email:


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