Sunday, August 20, 2006

My Hero!!

Drosha by Rav Uren Reich, Rosh haYeshiva of Yeshiva of Woodlake Village in Lakewood

(Extract from address at the Melava Malka of Agudath Israel of America's 82nd National Convention)

…If the Gemara tells us a metziyus, it’s emes veyatziv. There’s nothing to think about. Anything we see with our eyes is less of a reality than something we see in the Gemara. That’s the emunah that a yid has to have. Unfortunately, I don’t know where or why this is, but recently there’s been a spate of all kinds of publications – I don’t know where they’ve come from – questioning things that have been mekubel midor dor, that every child learns, together with his mother’s milk, al titosh Toras imecha, we learn that every word of Torah is emes, every word of Chazal hakedoshim is emes. We’re coming to hear new kinds of concepts, that we have to figure out a way to make Torah compatible with modern day science – it’s an emunah mezuyefes! There’s a tremendous emunah that these people have for scientists in the outside world – everything they say is kodesh kadoshim!

And then we have to figure out according to what they say, how to fit in the Gemara with this newfangled discoveries that the scientists have taught us?! These same scientists who tell you with such clarity what happened sixty-five million years ago – ask them what the weather will be like in New York in two weeks’ time! “Possibly, probably, it could be, maybe” – ain itam hadavar, they don’t know. They know everything that happened 65 million years ago, but from their madda, and their wissenschaft, we have to be mispoel?!

Chazal HaKedoshim – hakatan shebetalmidei Rabbeinu haKadosh mechayeh meisim! If the Gaon says that he could bring down kol galgal hachamah on this table and show it to Aristo – do we have a safek that what Chazal HaKedoshim said is emes? Ra’u mi’sof haolam ve’ad sofo – ain leharher achar divrei haGemara.

Our emunah has to be, and will continue to be, that every word of Chazal haKedoshim is emes le’amitoh! Ve’ain leharher achar divrei haGemara. And that’s the emunah that we were mekabel midor dor, and with this kind of emunah, these keriyos, this kara v’modim, when a yid like Rav Moshe, whose counterpart in Yale or Harvard is showing his great mind, his great genius, by questioning everything that there was in previous generations, and Rav Moshe with his humility and with his clarity as to the greatness of previous generations, he says ain leharher achar divrei haGemara – who knows how many kochos hatumah he shattered with that kind of kara vemodim! If we’ll be koreya vemodim, we’ll be zocheh, we’ll be mekarev rechokim, we’ll be mekarev kerovim, and we’ll be zocheh to see the ohr ha-emes when Mashiach comes…

In my previous post, I wrote that I was at a loss for words. In this post, I have no need for words.

(hattip - Lamedzayin)


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