Monday, August 21, 2006

Koach Hatorah Even Today!!!

Many of you commented on other blogs, that with the Matzav in Eretz Yisroel that our Jewish soldiers are sacrificing themselves on the front line, the people which are exempt from the army because 'Torah Um'nosom' should not break for Bain Hazmanim, since their idealogy is that Torah protects, and therefore its only right that while the physical soldiers are fighting on the physical front line, the spiritual soldiers should be fighting on the spiritual front line (Bais Midrash).

I believe I heard in the name of R' Elyashiv Shlita, that the learners do need the Bain Hazmanim break or their learning of the Winter Zman will be affected.

R' Elyashiv also came under fire from many bloggers for declaring on August 3rd, that the best interest for Israel would be a cease fire. Rather they said, Israel must keep on pounding out the enemies.

It just struck me.

On August 13, Israel accepted the ceasefire with 2 weeks of Bain Hazmanim left to go.

So R' Elyashiv's military analysis that Israel should accept a cease fire became a reality, and that, enabled the Bnai Torah to be able to truly relax on their Bain Hazmanim break so they will regain their strength for the next Zman.

Eh, happywithhis lot? What you got to say now?

Mamesh Ah Emeseh Moifis!!! Pure Koach Hatorah!!!

(PS, Over here, someone writes that hearing a story that Zechus Hatorah saves people from rockets makes him nauseas.

"Today in schul part of the Rabbis drasha was one of these stories and it frankly got me nauseated about those who were saved by a rocket missing them because of kavod they were giving the Torah."

I hope this post won't make him vomit.)


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