Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lakewood Yid meets the Godol Hador!!

The Godol Hador anounced his anonymous presence in Lakewood, Ihr Hakodesh. No way was I going to pass the oppertunity of getting a Brocha from the greatest Godol ever invented. So I e-nvited (invitation via email) the Godol to meet with me! The Godol expressed his concern that the Lakewood Kannoim might pelt him with the newly banned issue of the Jewish Observer, so we agreed to meet in a top secret location with no possiblity of any neighbors spying on us.

We had a pleasant meeting. We shmoozed a little, argued a little, and agreed on nothing. Well, I shouldn't say nothing. We agreed to disagree!! Just kidding. He happens to be a nice friendly guy. He even used to be Charedi. But Nebach, some skeptics "Drayed him ah Kupp".

I offered the Godol a tour of BMG. He politely declined as he expressed his interest in getting home in one piece.


In middle of one of the many topics we discussed, the Godol revealed to me his weakness! He can get easily persuaded by a good argument!

Therefore, I appeal to all my readers who comment on the Godol's blog not to give up hope!

If we can come up with a good enough argument, we might convince the Godol to become the "Uri Zohar" of Blogvelt!!

אל תתיאש! אפילו חרב חדה מונחת על צוארו של אדם אל ימנע עצמו מן הרחמים


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