Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is God "talking" to us?

Over here, Hirhurim links to a statement from R' Weinreb:

"R' Weinreb talked about was the importance of not talking in shul, and the potential impact of such behavior on the war."

Someone commented : "I find this to be a repulsive notion - that talking in shul has any connection to causing evil in the world. To me this is a sick theology. Just my two cents worth."

I responded: "Here's my two cents:

I was in court the other day for Jury duty. Some observations:

  • "all rise" when the judge comes in.

  • He's always addressed as "your honor".

  • "close your cellphones" when court is in session.

  • "put down all reading material when the judge is speaking"

There was no need to announce to all, to keep quiet when the judge speaks.

I wonder what would happen if in middle of the judge speaking, someone would answer his phone and talk loudly on it.

Kal V'chomer when we are sitting in front of the almighty god, no one should have the audacity to speak during davening.

It therefore shouldn't be such a shock, that if our respect to God is lower than the respect our fellow gentiles have for a judge, that God might be inclined to "talk back" to us.


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