Sunday, July 30, 2006

Are you claiming to understand Gods ways?

Over here, I quoted: "R' Weinreb talked about was the importance of not talking in shul, and the potential impact of such behavior on the war."

Someone (of course, anonymously) left the following comment: "Weinreb must be a sick man. Some Jews are gonna die in the war because I talk in shul? Sick, really sick thinking."

My initial response was to delete the comment. I then decided to rather challenge it. By the time I was done, I thought this actualy might be "post-worthy".

So here goes:

Your lack of understanding doesn't make him a sick man. How about contacting him directly and asking him your questions before attacking him?

Your statement of "Some Jews are gonna die in the war because I talk in shul?" is saying that you fully understand Gods ways and it can't be that God would do that.

Great. Being that you are such a Mayven on what God would do and what he wouldn't do, please explain us the following:

1) Holocaust
2) Katrina
3) 9/11
4) Tsunami victims
5) So many young children and young people who are sick
6) So many young children which die or are killed
7) So many young people dying leaving behind Yesomim and Almonos.
8) Etc Etc...

When you can explain all the above, I'm willing to hear your opinion if God punishes for talking in Shul.

והוי זהיר במצוה קלה כמצוה חמורה, שאין אתה יודע מתן שכרן של מצוות

I don't see any reason why this Maamar Chazal shouldn't apply in the reverse too. That one should be careful in "minor" aveiros the same as "major" ones, for we don't know the punishments of aveiros (the punishments that God himself gives to us).


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