Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Party Time!!

Yes my friends, time to pull out some schnapps from the freezer and drink L'chaim.

After 3-4 months of battling with Godol Hador, he finaly did it! He actually wrote a pro charedi / pro Gedolim post!!

Some highlights:

"I now realize I was somewhat wrong. All religions are based on Faith, and Orthodox Judaism especially so."

(I'm kvelling from nachas. Just a few weeks ago, we were arguing if Charedism is absolute sheker.)

"there’s nothing wrong with Faith ........ The Gedolim correctly intuited what the logical conclusion of accepting Science is, and they were right."

(The Gedolim are correct. Such sweet words....)

"Considering that I have a fair amount of Faith myself, I can no longer see the point in bashing other people's faith"

(He's finaly talking like a true Godol, no bashing others..)

Here's the best line of all:

"If anything, the Gedolim’s mehalech is more honest: Have faith and that’s that."

(I feel like I just won the lottery.....)

Heibst Zach, Heibst Zach, Lummer Tantzen ah Hora.......


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