Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Internal Debate

One day this week, I davened in Satmar. Now, Satmar shul in Lakewood is quite different than Satmar shuls in Williamsburg or Monroe. The weekly mispallelim in Satmar Lakewood is probably 60% - 70% yeshivah guys. Basicly everyone wears a Jacket (95% black or dark navy) during Shachris and ocassionaly you have some non-jackets and dark colored shirts.

Anyways, in walks in a guy (apparently a bochur, no Talis, just Tefilin) wearing flip-flops.


Green shortsleeve Polo shirt, light beige knickers (pants cut at the knees), NO socks, and flip flops. He strolled in, put on his tefilin, about 3 minutes later, his cellphone was held to his ear for some 60 seconds. By the time I finished Shmoneh Esreh, I could no longer see him (he was gone).

Now lets put aside for a moment the inyan of Dan L'kaf Zechus. Do you tell such a guy something? I mean, like, how dare a person walk into a shul dressed like he's going straight to the beach? Mechitzuf, Ahrois!! Its not plausible that the guy was innocent. I would be surprised if any of my modern blogfriends would dare venture into a charedi shul, barefoot in flip flops.

But on the other hand, who knows if this guy is "on the fence" and if someone were to mussar him, perhaps he would stop coming to daven altogether? Perhaps he was sort of "testing" to see if he's accepted even like that?

Your opinions please.

(P.S. I would have loved to watch the Satmar Dayan's reaction, he goes nuts when he sees a guy with his shirt not tucked in)


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