Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why are the Gedolim silent?

Here in blogosphere, the big question that everyone is asking is:

Why are the Gedolim silent? Why aren't we hearing them cry out about the terrible actions of Rabbi K.....

To understand why, one has to look at it from an inside view of the Charedi world.

I'll start in the BMG coffee room.

"Yankel! Did you hear?"

"Hear what, Moshe?"

"You mean you didn't hear what they are saying about Rabbi K?"

"Its Shtussim V'havolim"

"Shtussim V'havolim?!? What are you hocking! I heard from my brother in law who has an Ishur to use the Tumeneh net, that there's this guy who calls himself UOJ and he was Meh'vahrer that its Emes!"

"Moshe! Do you know what UOJ stands for?"

"Uhh, let me think.... Ich Vais! It stands for Undercover Orthodox Jew! He worked 'undercover' and found out the whole zach".

"Nice Shtickel Lomdus, Moshe. But no, It stands for Un-Orthdox Jew".

"What?!? If he's not orthodox, how could he know about such things?"

"Moshe, your finaly chapping the Matzov. The guy is mamesh an Apikores. He is Mevazeh Aleh Talmidei Chachomim. Ich Shem Zach to say what he called Harav Hagaon R' Chaim Scheinberg Shlita. The guy has absolutely no Ne'monos..........."

Friends, to our Gedolim, the case was closed some 25 years ago by a Bais Din that paskened that he could remain a Rebbe. Our current Gedolim don't spend their time reading blogs (blogs? What's that?) and NY Mag. They are full time occupied with the needs of Klal Yisroel. Between seeing people, Paskening Sha'olos, dealing with pressing problems (Almonos, Yesomim, Gittin, Teens at risk etc...) running around to Simchas (The Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva can very often have 3 - 4 simchas in one night), and OF COURSE, they have to learn also.

The rantings of an anonymous un-orthodox blogger on the banned internet making a gantze tumult before he even has a shred of evidence, isn't exactly #1 on the Gedolim 'To Do' list.

But I know what you'll be asking me. Now that its 'official' (pending lawsuit), why aren't we hearing anything now?

How come by the Slifkin and MOAG issues, all the Gedolim came out so loud and strong??

Friends, think think think.

Do you really think that one fine day (or maybe one not such a fine day), R' Elyashiv was a bit bored, so he took a little stroll to the local sefarim store, asked for the latest title, looked through a couple pages, and then ran home to write up a ban? Do you really think that as soon as he finished writing it, he hopped onto the next Sheirut to Bnei Brak to ask R' Kanievsky to sign??

Of Course NOT. He doesn't even read english!!

We all know what happened. The 'Askonim' came to him. They (don't ask me who) told him what the books are all about, and after confirming it, he signed the bans. The Askonim were the ones who ran around to the other Gedolim to have them all sign.

OK OK, so maybe the Gedolim are indeed too busy working for us to be up to date on current events, but how come the 'Askonim' didn't approach the Gedolim to ask them to voice their opinion on this most pressing issue? We must throw out this 60 year old Rebbe right away! He's an absolute danger! Why, as we speak, he's probably downstairs in the boiler room.....

Gevald! Sakonos Nefoshos Mamesh!!

Fregst Gut. Fregst Zayer Gut.

(Maybe we should ask Yankel in the coffee room. He seems to be very knowledgeable.)


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