Thursday, May 04, 2006

Who is an Am Ha'aretz? The Bais Halevi!

Disclaimer. I heard this story מפי השמועה. I did not verify it.

The Bais Halevi had a rich schver. Some people were sort of jealous. So they aproached the Bais Halevi in shul in the presence of his schver and asked him: When is the Molad?

Now go into BMG and ask every talmid when the Molad is. I'd be shocked if you would find more than 5 people who know when it is (and they don't own a palm).

The Bais Halevi didn't know. So they turned to his schver and said: See what an Am Ha'aretz you have for a son-in-law? He doesn't even know something as basic as when the Molad is!

As the story goes, ultimately the marriage ended in divorce.

I wish I was an Am Ha'aretz like the Bais Halevi.

P.S. So much for a rich schver. It isn't worth it.


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