Monday, May 01, 2006

Should I Start a Blog?

Someone asked me why I don't have a blog. I answered because its too time consuming. On second thought, maybe its worth a try!

So where should I start from? Why of course. From the beggining.

Of creation, that is. 5766 years ago.

My first thought, is how different the extremes are. 5766 - 15 billion. Like putting me together with Bill Gates. Hey, I don't even have 15 million pennies! 15 billion? It would probably take 5766 years to count up 15 billion singles!

In all seriousness, that's a huge gap. Someone must be way off.

Who? The scientists, of course. But I gotta go easy, this is a new blog, and a blog without commentators, is like a Rebbe without Chassidim. I can't afford to turn off my fellow esteemed "blog-friends" with my very first post.

Iy"h, more to come.


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