Friday, May 19, 2006

R' Scheinberg is a Tzadik Gomur!

Over here, someone posted the following story about R' Scheinberg:

"but there is a famous story of Rabbi Scheinberg Shlita, who was on an El Al flight and sitting right near one of the bigger screens. In those day, remember, they didn't have individual screens on the back of every seat. He apparently asked them to shut off that one screen. He was told that wasn't possible. Moments later, as the story is told, there was a malfunction and all the movie screens on the plane went blank. Supposedly, the flight attendant approached the rav's gabbai and asked, if we turn that one screen off, will the rabbi allow the other screens to be turned back on?"

Is this story true? I don't know.

But if other blogs can post Lashon Hara on R' Scheinberg, then I'm more than happy to post some Lashon Tov about him.


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