Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chai Rotel: Only if you believe!

Dov Bear, Godol Hador and Brooklyn Wolf posted about Chai Rotel.

Of course, I argued in defense of Chai Rotel. See Here

But it only works if you believe!

I'm known to be a big believer. God always helps his believers. The following just happened to me today:

Blackwell asked me: Additionaly are you certain that you are capable of being the spokesman for torah true yiddishkeit?

After his comment, I went to my Daf Yomi shiur.

Pesachim 105:2 אנא לא חכימא' אנא ולא חוזאה אנא ולא יחידא' אנא אלא גמרנא וסדרנא אנא

"Then R. Nachman replied: "I am not one of those sages who would proclaim a decree upon my own authority; neither am I a prophet nor do I quote an authority without corroboration, and I did so because I was convinced that my order was correct, "for thus it is also taught in the colleges."

As Rashi and Rashbam both explain "אלא גמרנא -"כך שמעתי בישיבה

So to speak out, one doesn't have to be a Chochom, its enough if "one heard it in Yeshivah"!


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